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released April 1, 2017

Produced by Nathan Barnes at Osmosis Studios in Meridian, ID.
Album artwork by Hannah Whitaker.


all rights reserved



CMMNWLTH Boise, Idaho

a rock 'n' roll band from the pacific northwest, fueled by frozen pizza and overwhelming emotions

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Track Name: 22
I smoke too much,
And it hurts my lungs,
But I know that it makes me look cool,
And I drink every night
'Cause it helps with the fight,
And I know that you drink too much, too.

Maybe I'm just a kid, and I should
Know much better than this.
I would change everything if I could, but I can't,
So let's all just relax.

I know I'm bound to disappoint
All my friends and my family, too.
It's fine. I guess we're all a mess.
It's so much fun being 22.

Maybe there's something I'm failing to see.
Maybe it's in front of my face.
I just don't know why it's so hard to be

I've done my time,
Waited in line,
And I still just don't know what to do.
It's fine, I guess. We're all a mess.
It's so much fun being 22.
Oh, it's so much fun being 22.
Track Name: Caring As A Crime
They tell you what they want you to believe
And then they kick you out
And tax you with a guilty conscience
If you're thinking for yourself.
Oh, we're all a bunch of whiners,
Cry-babies that are doomed to Hell.
Maybe I'm a loser,
But at least I love myself.

Well, all the old people are dying,
But somehow their vote is relevant,
Like they have any idea
What it's like to see this kind of debt.
I'd like to see them take our place,
And, for a minute, bear our weight.
The world around us is fucked,
And they're to blame.

If they would listen for a second,
Then maybe they would see
That there's nothing wrong with loving everybody equally.
We all came from a uterus,
And now everybody's pissed
That a woman wants to choose what to do with her body.
And if life is at conception,
Then misery's a blessing,
Depression is a gift from God,
And we all get to Heaven.
Their pride is just so blinding
That they will never see
That there's nothing wrong, at all, with you or me.

You can run & run & run & run
As far from them as you can go,
But you'll never get away
From the ideas that they'll shove down our throats,
So forget what you believe,
And slap a Swastika on your coat
'Cause there's only one way that this could go,
Unless you raise your fist
And shove all their bullshit back down their throats,
And say,
"We're better than this, and no.
No, we won't let it go."
Track Name: Garden Song
I walked into your garden,
And I picked fruit from your trees.
I'm not as dumb as you think.
I know there's someone better than me,
But when we first started,
There was something, you see.
There was something so deep...
Now it feels like I've been shot in the knee.
And when my corpse is rotting,
Where is it you will be?
If I know you like I do,
You'll be standing right over me,
And I'll be laying there,
Thinking about your dead hair,
And what it was that kept me waiting so long,

But I don't recall what it was after all.
Track Name: Goodnight x6
Oh, baby, I don't want to speak too soon.
No, I don't wanna fuck things up.
Why do I always fuck things up?
When I break down and say that I love you,
You can pretend it ain't the truth,
If that's what you've gotta do,
But something in your stomach's saying,
"You can't ignore the proof..."
When it's 10 PM, you should be going to bed,
But we're talking until 2.
Track Name: Like...With Jetpacks?
I don't know how I feel about you.
Oh, how I feel about you, I don't know,
But when I close my eyes
All I can do is think about you,
And when I think about you, I'm alright.

And I don't know what now to do
When all I think about is you.
I don't know what else to say
When you're 1,000 miles away,
And all I want is your attention,
But it could be a couple days
Before I speak to you again,
Oh, lately, it's been hit or miss.
I know it's not your fault - or mine -
But I wrote these words when you find time:

I don't wanna go anywhere without you
'Cause anywhere without you isn't home.
Track Name: In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream
Ain't got no lifestyle,
I've got no place that I fit in.
Moved away,
Moved 1,000 miles away from all my friends.

Am I missing out?
Do you notice I'm not around?
Can you hear me now
That I'm foaming out the mouth,
Lying on the ground?

How can we know if we were even meant to make it this far?
When you waste your days
And spend your nights getting shitfaced at the bar.
You don't know what you're doing anymore,
But you still try
To find a way to believe that everything you've ever learned
Was more than a lie.

Now you're filled with doubt.
[You] know you've been fucked around.
It's clear you're missing out.
No one knows you're not around.
No one can hear you now
That you're foaming out the mouth,
Lying on the ground.